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MRI technologists are most efficient and effective when they can focus on image acquisition. Greater involvement of the attending physician in cardiac MRI studies can greatly decrease productivity. CardioVue provides a workstation in the scanner room that receives images immediately at scan time. This allows the attending physician to view the images with CardioVue and not on the console minimizing interruption in image acquisition. Even on simple exams, technologists using CardioVue for physician viewing saves them up to 15 minutes per exam.

CardioVue makes it easy for technologists to get real time advice without having the radiologist present in the scanner room. CardioVue automatically organizes images at scan time. The physician sees what the technologist sees facilitating collaboration with the technologists while the patient is in the scanner. The capability of remotely monitoring an exam in progress means the physician may only need to be in the scanner room during the administration of stress-inducing drugs. This advanced functionality helps to insure that the correct and best images are acquired, improves exam throughput and makes both the radiologist and technologist more efficient and productive.

CMR for pediatric congenital heart disease has become the primary imaging modality due to its lack of ionizing radiation and its ability to evaluate very complex cases. Typical exams involve many image acquisitions. The unique image display capabilities of CardioVue make it easy for technologists to get real time advice from the physician without the physician being in the scanner room.