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Cardiologists trained in cardiac MRI understand the unique advantages of this imaging modality.  However, CMR has been slow to move out of academic medical centers into broader clinical use.  The rapid growth of cardiac CT and the use of office based echocardiography and nuclear imaging have been the primary obstacles to growth in CMR.  CMR revenue models have been difficult due to the complexity of CMR, the cost of equipment and staffing and the lack of workflow tools. With the recent concerns about ionizing radiation exposure and anticipated decreases in imaging reimbursement, referrals for CMR are likely to increase. Existing CMR programs must be prepared for a larger volume of studies and new programs need to make initial investments that will put them in a position to manage future growth.

CardioVue is specifically designed to maximize cardiac MRI exam throughput with its unique workflow tools.  CardioVue includes easy to use comprehensive and secure networking tools that improve access and imaging viewing to improve speed to diagnosis without compromising accuracy. CardioVue improves the productivity of both physicians and technologists and maximizes the efficient use of facility equipment and resources both locally and remotely.  Users can expect significant improvements in workflow as current customers report up to a 50% improvement in exam throughput from image interpretation and post-processing to final case report and distribution.

The CardioVue scanner workstation receives cardiac MRI images directly from the scanner as each series is completed. With CardioVue, there is no longer any need for the attending cardiologist to use the technologist console to review the study images. Consoles are not optimized for efficient viewing, sorting, organizing and comparing large volumes of images.  Workflow is seriously disrupted if the technologist is required to respond to the cardiologist’s requests for review of images on the console.  The technologist is freed to focus on efficient and precise scanning of the patient. The physician can focus on reviewing, sorting, organizing and comparing the images to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis.  The result is improved exam throughput.

The capability of remotely monitoring an exam in progress means a cardiologist may only need to be in the scanner room during the administration of stress-inducing drugs.  This advanced functionality helps to insure that the correct images are acquired, improves exam throughput and makes both the cardiologist and technologist more efficient and productive.

CardioVue addresses the unique requirements of cardiac MRI with its patented automated workflow technique for the simultaneous co-registration and display of function, perfusion and delayed enhancement images.  Direct side by side comparison of these images is essential for rapidly and accurately interpreting wall motion abnormalities and associated perfusion defects and infarcts.

Dobutamine stress MR is a proven and reliable CMR technique to detect stress induced wall motion abnormalities.  CardioVue includes a DSMR module designed from the ground up by the leading users of DSMR to provide attending cardiologists with a tool for real time monitoring of ventricular function and rhythm during a DSMR study for the purpose of overcoming the concerns for patient safety.  CardioVue provides the user with the rapid real time capability to compare synchronized cines of long and short axis views of the left ventricle as dobutamine is administered during the study to assist in the immediate detection of wall motion abnormalities.

CMR for pediatric congenital heart disease has become the primary imaging modality due to its lack of ionizing radiation and its ability to evaluate very complex cases.  Typical exams involve many image acquisitions.  CardioVue’s unique display layout, scan time image viewing and advanced networking is essential for these complex studies where it is critical to avoid repeat scans.  Whether in the scanner room or remotely, CardioVue makes it easy for technologists to get real time advice from the attending cardiologist.