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Cardiac MRI has created a new paradigm in medical imaging providing both significant benefits and challenges. Due to its versatility and lack of ionizing radiation, MRI is becoming the imaging tool of choice for cardiac studies. However, the unique nature of these studies requires a thorough understanding of the patient’s medical condition so that the “right questions” are asked at the time of the study. This new dynamic dictates greater physician input. At the same time, it adds associated workflow challenges.

The CardioVue™ workflow solution was developed from the ground up to support the benefits of clinical cardiac MRI and address the unique workflow challenges it presents.  CardioVue includes easy to use comprehensive and secure networking tools to improve image viewing to improve speed to diagnosis without compromising accuracy. Users can expect significant improvements in workflow as customers report have reported up to 50% reduction in exam throughput from image acquisition to the next steps of post-processing.

Image Review, Organization and Comparison
Cardiac MRI provides the capability of capturing images for multiple procedures in one study. The result is more and better information in a 20-30 minute scan than provided from a combination of multiple cardiac imaging tests. However, cardiac MRI studies generate large numbers of images. For instance, images for structure, resting and stress function, perfusion and viability, as well as, images of the aorta for flow measurements are acquired in one patient study*. Multiple imaging techniques may be used in each of these areas to better visualize a particular pathology. The volume of images can be daunting and will undoubtedly increase exponentially as image acquisition times are improved and new cardiac MRI techniques are developed.

CardioVue is specifically designed to support the benefits of cardiac MRI while offering a solution to the associated challenges. The CardioVue scanner workstation receives cardiac MRI images directly from the scanner as each series is completed. With CardioVue, there is no longer any need for the physician to use the technologist console to review the study images. The technologist is freed to focus on efficient and precise scanning of the patient. The physician can focus on reviewing, sorting, organizing and comparing the images to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Should the physician desire to review the study outside the scanner control room, CardioVue supports the remote viewing of the study images as they are acquired.

CardioVue also provides a necessary tool to conduct dobutamine stress cardiac MRI studies. The design of the CardioVue scanner workstation that provides for the rapid organization and immediate review of the images is critical for monitoring the patient as dobutamine is administered to detect wall motion abnormalities.

* Gadolinium is not approved for use in cardiac imaging.  CardioVue’s perfusion and viability features are provided off -label.