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Professor of Cardiology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Director Cardiac MR, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

"We find CardioVue essential in our clinical CMR practice in 2 regards: first, we are able to co-register wall motion, perfusion an delayed enhancement images in order to make diagnoses in patients receiving cardiac stress tests.  Second, the ability to arrange images in a rapid fashion allows for our technologists and physician readers to perform and interpret studies in a time-efficient fashion from locations remote to the scanner.  This latter feature provides a mechanism for accurate reporting in a workflow pattern commensurate with a busy clinical practice."

Co-Director, Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Brigham & Women's Hospital Boston
Instructor, Harvard Medical School
“We are delighted to be a center of excellence for Prova Images. Their CardioVue™ image visualization device is essential to us for safely conducting MRI stress tests.”

Director of CV Imaging
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, Michigan
"CardioVue allows me to collaborate with my techs during a study which is particularly useful for complex congenital studies. It improves my efficiency by allowing me to read other non-cardiac studies while it is running in the background."

Mid Carolina Cardiology

Lead Cardiovascular MRI Technologist
Technical Cardiac Applications Coordinator
Advanced Radiology Systems and Spectrum Health Systems
Grand Rapids, Michigan
"The significance of our integration of CardioVue is that it has improved our post-processing time more than 50%."