MRI Cardiac software and workflow solutions. Prova Images

CV Viewer

Designed specifically for the interpretation of CMR exams
  • Has standard window/level, pan and zoom features
  • Images are automatically loaded directly from the scanner to image panels during the scan
  • Images can be automatically loaded to more than one workstation in different locations both locally and remotely during the scan.
  • Panel rules can automatically organize images in panels based on user preferences
  • Images can be dragged and dropped between panels
  • New panels can be easily created from selected images in existing panels
  • Panels of images can be dragged on the viewer to allow easy side by side comparison of images
  • Images selected across multiple panels can be double clicked to view together
  • Image panels are automatically tabbed and labeled with the series description
  • Panels layouts can be viewed full screen, vertical and horizontal.
  • Images can be displayed full screen and in individual panels
  • Buttons when pressed provide prescribed image layouts to speed interpretation (i.e. patented synchronized and co-registered quad panel layout of short axis function, stress and rest perfusion and viability images)
  • Panels can be rapidly managed without having to scroll through large numbers tabbed series
  • Images from both perfusion and function exams are synchronized for ease of interpretation
  • Images can be simultaneously windowed/leveled, panned and zoomed across multiple panels
  • Cines can be synchronized over multiple panels (i.e. dobutamine stress image panels to safely and effectively detect wall motion abnormalities)