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CardioVue DSMR

The only FDA approved Dobutamine Stress Viewer

Dobutamine stress magnetic resonance (DSMR) is a diagnostic procedure for the non-invasive detection of coronary artery disease. DSMR uses dobutamine-a medicine that simulates exercise by increasing heart rate and heart function-to detect left ventricular wall motion abnormalities that indicate blockages in the coronary arteries and areas of the heart that may be permanently damaged by a previous heart attack.  For this test, MRI pictures of the heart are taken before, during and after administration of dobutamine.

Experience with DSMR has shown that patients must be closely monitored for their safety during this aggressive stress protocol. This necessitates evaluation of hemodynamics, cardiac rhythm, and signs of ischemia. Inadequate monitoring and concern over patient safety is the most important limitation of DSMR.

CardioVue was designed from the ground up by the leading users of DSMR to provide attending physicians with a tool for real time monitoring of ventricular function and rhythm during a DSMR study for the purpose of overcoming the concerns for patient safety.  CardioVue provides the user with the rapid real time capability to compare synchronized cines of long and short axis views of the left ventricle as dobutamine is administered during the study to assist in the immediate detection of wall motion abnormalities.

Whether you do one or hundreds of DSMR studies, the CardioVue dobutamine stress viewer is an essential tool for the safe conduct of these studies.